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Innovation on a Daily Basis

Inventive people who know their crafts are motivated to create increasingly robust manufacturing processes.  We aren't satisfied until we make every order efficiently and free of defects.

Custom applications are a specialty.  We are able to not only work with you to find the right part for your use, but create the machinery and systems that will manufacture it.


Corporate Office:
1591 Fleetwood Dr.
Elgin, IL 60123

Phone: (847) 741-3101 Fax: (847) 741-0254



Contact Cap & Seal directly via email.


Got a product that's working "not quite right" for you?  We can work with you to improve and develop that product to perfect performance and replicate it each and every time.  This is only possible with a tightly-knit crew of creative and skilled veterans.  We're ready to assist. 


We keep a low profile in our customers' industries.  If you have a proprietary product or design, you can count on us to respect your privacy.


Part of our creative process is developing the system for efficient and consistent manufacturing of your perfect closure.   If an exquisite design is not practical to build, we'll tell you.  We'll offer up alternative ideas for your consideration.   We work together to find the right solution for you.  

The Next Level

Want us to automatically assemble your closures with another component?  Need a second or third operation done to the part before shipping?  Let us know.  We'll use our in-house expertise to design an assembly or other special system for your application.